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Mon, 30 Apr 2018


Dear Spessters,

UPDATE: AIRDROP is not closed

To celebrate our Web Wallet and Listing on CryptoHub, we are running the following Airdrop:

To earn up to 100 coins for free do the following actions:

  1. Create and activate your Web Wallet, and in the account menu click the airdrop option - join there to qualify for 30 Spes.
  2. Follow us on Twitter - for 10 Spes
  3. Follow us on Facebook - for 10 Spes
  4. Join our Telegram Group - for 10 Spes
  5. Join our Discord Group - - for 10 Spes
  6. Tweet about the project using #spescoin #airdrop #wallet - 10 Spes
  7. Write a facebook post about the project using #spescoin #airdrop #wallet - 10 Spes
  8. Reply to our bitcointalk announcement with your wallet address and a message saying thanks for the Airdrop - - 10 Spes
  9. Invite more members using your unique referral code to earn 5 Spes per referral (up to 100 Spes)
  10. You must remain a member of all social media accounts at the end of the airdrop to receive your airdrop 

Please note: your payouts will be paid at the end of the airdrop period, Airdrop is limited to the first 2000 members who complete all the steps, and remain active on the social channels.

Airdrop is Now Closed